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Welcome Message

Welcome Message


There can be many places where we can seek calmness and peacefulness in our daily living.

It can be in the park, in the coffee shop, or even in the silence of our own home.

But there is one perfect place where we can experience serenity as we feel the presence of the Lord.

In the Filipino Bible Baptist Church (FBBC), we fill our hunger by singing praises to the Lord,

listening to the Words of God through inspiring messages,

And serving the Lord through different church ministries.

People of different walks of life, from different parts of the Philippines,

Meet together in unity as we continually grow spiritually.

Every Sundays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, we welcome visitors

And make them experience this special kind of happiness and belongingness.

It is our hope then that you will be with us on our next church meeting

And together we can joyfully praise the Lord with peaceful hearts.


  • 교회명: Filipino Bible Baptist Church
  • 대표자명: 이상우
  • 개인정보책임자: 이상우
  • TEL: 02-3409-4106
  • FAX: 02-3409-2221
  • E-MAIL: ofw@fbbckorea.com
  • 주소: 서울 광진구 군자동 349-1