Church History

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Church History

Church History

중앙성서침례교회 - 미국 텍사스 아마릴로시
Central Baptish Church, Amarillo, Textas. USA


Central Baptish Church, Amarillo, Textas. USA

미국 중앙성서침례교회에서 조지 패트릭 선교사를 1960년에 한국에 파송.



건강상의 어려움으로 귀국할 때까지 40년간 교회개척과 목회자 양육에 힘씀



2009~2011 하늘나라 가실 때까지

상기 교회에서 명예 스탭으로Rev. Chadwick 담임 목사를 보조함



Mentor of Pastor Lee – Missionary Patrick from Central Baptist Church in   Texas

As one of the earliest pioneering missionary to Korea from BBFI in USA, Rev. &   Mrs. George Patrick was a most influential Mentor to Pastor Lee. For 40 years since his arrival in 1960 until his return to Texas in 1999 due to physical condition, Pastor Lee has been helping Missionary Patrick with his church planting, Korean study and interpretation of his teaching and preaching in the church and in the Baptist Seminary at Daejeon, Bulgwang-dong and Mog-dong in Seoul. AnYang BBC is one of many BBC churches that Missionary Patrick planted in Korea. Missionary Patrick helped and worked together with Rev. Roh since 1974.



안양 성서침례교회 - 한국 경기도 안양시
AnYang Bible Baptist Church, AnYang, Korea



6 23 - 노경호 목사 부부가 미국 중앙성서침례교회를 모교회로 하여 죠지 패트릭       선교사와의 협력 사역을 시작



300평으로 증축하여 현재의 교회건물이 세워짐



7 - 외국인성서침례교회(FBBC) 서울 도곡동에 개척교회를 시작함


In 1974

Pastor Roh & Missionary Patrick started a mission at AnYang City, Korea licensed by Central Baptist Church of Amarillo, Texas in a rented house as worship place.


In 1975

Rented 150 square meters lot for the construction of the first church building    with vinyl tent.



In 1978

A new church building of 120 square meters was constructed for Sunday worship.


In 1985

At present location, new church building of 480 square meters was constructed


1988 - 1990

It was in 1987, after long years of divine courses of training by the Master who put into the heart of Bro. Lee awareness, that the gift and blessings from above has been used for secular business. It was the right time to start Godly business using the gift of foreign language. An International Marketing Firm, which God allowed, started in 1984 in Seoul, Korea.


Biblical examples from the Bible for Tent-Making Ministry were those self-supporting Tent-makers like Apostle Paul and the couple of Aquilla & Priscilla. First few years of the FBBC missionary support was made to one of early Missionaries of KBBF in Luzon, Philippines. But after physically visiting supporting church, some problems were observed and the Holy Spirit redirected my missionary supporting ministry to Visayas and Mindanao to work with Mandaue BBC since 1991. What I have learned from Missionary Patrick in Korea then was practiced carefully in the Philippines together with a respectful Christian Brother Ralph Baladjay, pastor of Mandaue BBC in Cebu, Philippines.


In 1992

Same church building was expanded to 990 square meters.


In 2000

AYBBC licensed Pastor Sangwoo Lee started FBBC in Seoul.




외국인 성서침례교회(FBBC) - 한국 서울시 광진구 군자동
Filipino Bible Baptist Church, Seoul, Korea




7 - 이상우 목사 부부가 안양성서침례교회의 파송으로 강남구 삼성동에서 필리핀 근로자 선교를 위한 외국인 성서침례교회를 개척함(30)



4 - 서울 광진구 군자동 현위치로 교회를 이전(370)




7 - 같은 건물에서 예배당을 4층으로 옮기고 3층은 사무실로사용(140)




2 - 필리핀 세부 소재 성서침례교회와 신학교 운영에 참여하여 필리핀중남부 지역에 개척교회 40여곳 신학생 재학생 수를 100명까지 지원


4 - 필리핀 보홀섬 끌라린에 개척교회 시작함
한국에 근로자로 일하던 Olaybar 부부를 거듭나게 돕고 2003 귀국한 신학교를 졸업하고 교회를 개척할 있도록 생활과 자녀 교육비 지원함




FBBC성서침례교회 개척교회 1 - 필리핀 보홀 끌라린
FBBC's 1st Mission Church in Clarin, Bohol, Phil.



Olaybar 부부가 한국의 외국인 성서침례교회에서 구원받고 침례받음



필리핀에 귀국한 Metro-Cebu Baptist Bible Seminary에서 신학교 졸업



한국의 외국인성서침례교회의 파송을 받아 Bohol Clarin에서 개척함



6 - Clarin중심지 국도변에 360평대지와 교회건물을 구입/리모델링 시작



Rev. Ralph Baladjay, pastor of Mandaue BBC, has been my faithful partner in the Lord's work in the Philippines. We travelled together in the fields of mission work and discussed on the various matters regarding the supports of mission works, seminary students, etc. Until 1990, MBBC already planted about 20 Missions and Seminary students were about 15 to 20. Only by God’s grace and power that during the last 17 years of partnership ministry with MBBC, about 50 Mission churches of Mandaue BBC were planted and Metro-Cebu Baptist Bible Seminary students increased once reaching 100 in number.


FBBC in Seoul is still continuing Discipleship Training with faithful industrial workers and soon there will be more Missionaries to the Philippine Islands from FBBC.



FBBC has supported Mission Church Planting & Seminary with MBBC in VisMin Region;

ü  Chain Reference Bibles & Concordance supplied to Seminary graduates each year

ü  Each Summer, FBBC financed 12 to 24 Seminary Students’ Outreach Programs

ü  About 20 to 30 Mission church pastors’ living expenses almost each month

ü  Motorcycles, Bicycles provided to Missions to enhance Soul-winning visitation

ü  Financial support to the Church Building construction and securing property



2009 - Present

According to the dispensation of God for the souls in Clarin, Bohol, Bro. Leonardo Olaybar & Sis. Susan Olaybar who were in Korea as industrial workers, got saved in the ministry of FBBC. After returning to the Philippines, both graduated from the Metro-Cebu Baptist Bible Seminary, and are now licensed by FBBC to start a mission church in Bohol. FBBC in Korea already purchased 1,186 square meters lot with a permanent building along the main highway of Clarin town for worship and ministry.


Year 2009 – FBBC Started Sending Own Missionary to the Philippines.

After Bro. Leonardo Olaybar & Sis. Susan Olaybar was sent as 1st FBBC Missionary for the souls in Clarin, Bohol, FBBC in Seoul is continuing Discipleship Training for numbers of faithful industrial workers. Soon, there will be more Missionaries to the Islands of Philippines. Some of them already committed to enroll in the Bible Seminary in the Philippines after they finish contract in Korea on 2010.


FBBC is praying that Prospects will continue to prepare themselves for the Ministry.



To God Be the Glory!!!





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