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Prayer Meeting & Requests

Prayer Meeting & Requests

Prayer for the family of Bro Matt and Sis Paz Salvatiera

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FBBC BroSis in Korea & the Philippines, Let's Pray & Support
the Family of Bro Matt & Sis Paz Salvatiera, a faithful member of FBBC Bohol, in Clarin Bohol. Bro Matt & Sis Paz accepted Jesus as personal Savior and the Lord when the notorious 7.2 intensity Earthquake hit Bohol in 15 October 2013. That morning, they lost grandmother by the falling hollow block wall and 3rd daughter, Christine Mary, barely saved from falling wall on her bed. After Bro & Sis Salvatiera got saved one by one children got saved but sad to say, 1st daughter, Stella Jean, who were working in Dubai, died by heart failure 2 days ago. Bro Matt & Sis Paz were strong leaders of Clarin Catholic Community for long time but they are now boldly witnessing Jesus to thier neighbors. Some others in the community are spreading rumors about the accident of losing Grandma in Earthquake and dauther in overseas is because of their change. Pastor Lee talked Bro Matt today over the phone and prayed and he assured Pastor that his faith will not be weakened no matter what. FBBC Korea, Bohol & Pampanga will start praying for wisdom how we can encourage and support this Salvatiera Family to win neighbors to Jesus. 1st daughter was bread earner to this family while Bro Matt is fish dealer in the local market


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